This is Terri, happily married Mum of 2 boys, she’s from Lincoln. She has Cerebral Palsy and recently ran the London Marathon 2018!! Pretty impressive huh!!? 1. What are the silver linings? The silver lining for me is knowing my children are able to tell their friends about me and they see how ‘normal’ I really am. I mean who else can say their momma who has CP has ran the London Marathon?! 🏻

2. What needs to change to make life easier for disabled mums? Judgemental people!! I once had someone ask me if I was drunk because of the way I walked!! 

3. What are the main difficulties you face as a disabled mum? On a personal level, I felt getting a promotion at work was made more difficult for me, because my employer thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with the extra responsibility! 

4. How can disabled mothers be made to feel like part of the mainstream? Inclusion. I see severe lack of activities adapted for mums whom are disabled. Makes activities like taking your children to the local pool more difficult!!

5. What makes you a brilliant mum? I’m far from super Mum, in fact I wing it most of the time! I try my hardest and rest easy at the end of the day knowing my  kids are grateful that mummy is able to run round after them!


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